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Our team launched its activities in Brazil in 1990. We have accomplished a valuable experience ever since, by gathering an experienced team of lawyers and top-ranked economic consultants. Now it’s time for these experiences to get transferred to the people interested in investment in Brazil. Our team can accompany you in the field of imports to and exports from Brazil, purchase of residential and commercial property, Corp registration, and obtaining a Brazilian Visa.

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Purchase of property

We will introduce you to the best commercial and residential properties based on your budget and taste. We will accompany you with experience and expertise in the field of buying and selling properties in Brazil, so that we can provide you with the best and most appropriate properties.

Get a Visa and residence permit

If you’re looking for obtaining a visa and a quick residence in Brazil, with us, you can achieve your goal with the lowest cost, highest experience, and with all the methods and aspects of it. You just need to contact Frikmark experts for guidance.

Imports and exports

If you have goods to present in one of the most advanced countries of the world; We can accompany you from the very 1st level, which is obtaining an export license to the level of selling it with years of experience and familiarity with the Brazilian domestic market.

Corp registration

You will have exclusive opportunities by registering your cooperation in Brazil, from the prosperity of your business to obtaining a Brazilian Visa, etc. We can register your corporation the fastest way possible, so that you can contribute to the market growth of one of the top 10 economic powers in the world.

Purchase of property in Brazil

Do you intend to purchase a house in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and experience heaven on Earth? Would you like to have a commercial property in one of the top 10 economic powers of the world and enhance your business? Would you like land on which you can engage in agricultural or construction activities?

Imports from and exports to Brazil

Brazil is one of the 4 main producers of agricultural products in the world and is one of the countries with the most amount of foreign investment according to the statistics and data.
Also, occupying the 9th position of GDP in the world and having a positive trade balance, all indicate the high value of exports and imports in this advanced country. With more than 3 decades of activity and experience in export and import processes in Brazil, Frikmark International is prepared to accompany you the best way possible with all you need to know and do in this field.

Corp registration in Brazil

By registering your corporation in one of the most developed countries of the world you hit two birds with one stone.
We guarantee your business and you also obtain a business visa for you.
Frikmark International Corporation, with experienced and active experts and lawyers by its side in this field, declares that during three decades of activity and presence, has done the affairs related to the establishment administration, and development of hundreds of corporations and has an extremely distinguished record in this area.

Obtain a Brazilian visa

We assure you in getting your Brazilian visa the fastest way possible and set foot in the land of wonders without concern.
Our lawyers are familiar with all of the legit and fast ways of obtaining a Visa (Business, Permanent, etc), and will accompany you from the very beginning to the end.

Some instances of ready-to-sell properties

With years of experience and expertise in the area of buying and selling properties in Brazil, we will be with you at Frikmark International Corporation to get you the best and most appropriate properties.

Transfer of years of experience

We consider it our duty to provide you with all the experience and information you require with almost honesty and you won’t be concerned about paying additional and hidden costs contrary to the terms of the contracts.


Professional assessment

Our experts and lawyers will assess your properties for investment, Corp registration, and other purposes, to pave the path to success for you.


Free consultation over the phone

In addition to being able to access the different contents of our site, you also have the benefit of contacting us from all over the world through our free over-the-phone consultation.

Discover opportunities as soon as possible in this wonderland.

You can contact us today no matter wherever you are in the world.

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